by Anthony Stevens
The third book in the Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical  Psychology published in hardback by Texas A&M Press, and in  paperback (1997) by Fromm International.
Publishers Description

C.G. Jung believed that beneath our conscious intelligence a deeper human intelligence is at work - an intelligence that has evolved over millions of years of human existence. Anthony Stevens, one of the world's leading Jungian analysts and writers, explains in singularly clear language how the Jungian two million-year-old self is a vivid metaphor for the archetypal self in all of us, and how modern research in ethology, anthropology and linguistics links up in Jung's discovery. 

He helps us open the window to our psyches and shows what happens to us when we dream - an experience he explains as an important bridge from the inside world of the psyche to the outer world. His book explains how we can gain access to this two-million-year-old self within and put this ancient collective wisdom to work to save ourselves and the future of the planet.

"Highly readable . . . . A beautifully written and moving volume." 
The British Journal of Medical Psychology.

"Dr Anthony Stevens enriches our understanding by linking Jung's thought with ethology, anthropology, and linguistics . . . . Dr Stevens, because of his wide knowledge and gift for clear exposition, is able to relate Jung's ideas to the intellectual currents of our age in a way unmatched by any other author. This is a fascinating book."
Anthony Storr, author of Solitude: Return to the Self.

"Dr Stevens explores how evolution is both a source of species-specific social strategies and, at a subjective level, of our passions, dreams, imaginations, creativity and needs. With exemplary clarify of exposition he shows how Jung's concept of archetype is the missing link between the evolved process and subjective experience . . . . There are few works that succeed in tracing these links successfully and yet remain accessible. Dr Stevens achieves both . . . . I recommend this as a deeply illuminating volume . . . ."
Paul Gilbert, Professor of Psychology, The University of Derby.

"Those who wish to get the latest synopsis of the way our evolution has shaped our mentality can do no better then read Anthony Stevens' book . . . . What is so informative and also encouraging is that the book . . . shows just how the new bio-anthropological perspective has brought significant improvements in psychological therapeutics . . . . "
M.R.A. Chance, editor of Social Fabrics of the Mind.

". . . a thoroughly intelligent tying together of ideas, insights and experience . . . . His flashes of wit and humour, combined with case histories, illuminates the . . . landscape which is laid out before us with Stevens' usual clarity and organization." Gary Eberle Director of the Insignis Program, Aquinas College.

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