THE TALKING CURE in 3 volumes: Psychotherapy, Past, Present and Future (Inner City Books, 2013)
by Anthony Stevens
Published by Inner City Books 2013

Volume One: What Is Psychotherapy? Psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud; Analytical Psychology and C.G. Jung
ISBN 9781894574389 . Sewn. Index. 128 pp. 2013. $25.00

Volume Two: Warring Egos, Bad Breasts, and theAnalysis of Children: Anna Freud and Melanie Klein; Object Relations Theory (Fairbairn, Winnicott, Balint, Guntrip; Attachment Theory (John Bowlby)
ISBN 9781894574396. Sewn. Index. 128 pp. 2013. $25.00

Volume Three: Jung Revisited, Research and Evolutionary Psychotherapy—the New Paradigm
ISBN 9781894574402. Sewn. Index. 128 pp. 2013. $25.00

Publishers Description

Psychoanalysis and its many psychotherapeutic offshoots has been a major influence in twentieth-century cultural life. Yet dynamic psychotherapy now finds itself in grave crisis as a result of the intellectual shipwreck of its founder, Sigmund Freud. Since Freudian theory has been discredited, shown to be largely without empirical basis, what is to stop the whole psychotherapeutic edifice from collapsing into the quicksands on which it is built?

In THE TALKING CURE, an immensely readable and entertaining overview in three volumes, Jungian analyst Anthony Stevens describes how the major schools of psychodynamic theory grew out of the psychology of their charismatic founders and have subsequently turned into exclusive and mutually hostile rival “sects.” Stevens argues that the best hope for the future lies in research to determine the positive therapeutic ingredients that all methods have in common. This, combined with the kind of undogmatic, open-minded humanity advocated by C. G. Jung, could lead to the adoption of a new paradigm capable of transcending the differences between them—the paradigm adopted by the new breed of “evolutionary psychotherapists.”

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