ON JUNG (1991)
by Anthony Stevens
Published by Penguin, London
An updated edition with a reply to Jung's critics, published in 1999 by Penguin, London and the Princeton University Press, New Jersey. 
Publishers Description
Anthony Stevens examines every stage of Jung's personal and professional development, throwing light on his theories of the life cycle, dream symbolism, and the collective unconscious. Jung is a profound, stimulating, and immensely influential writer on almost every aspect of human behaviour; this lucid and penetrating study makes the ideal introduction to his life and ideas. This new edition contains an Afterword intended as a rebuttal to the recent attacks on Jung made by Noll and McLynn.

"From the beginning of this book, the reader is aware of being in the presence of a seasoned and highly knowledgeable scholar and practitioner . . . . The writing is clear and graceful . . . . This work is distinctive, original in its organization, and pleasing to read."
James Jarrett, University of California, Berkeley. 

"This is an excellent book . . . .Many potential readers of Jung feel intimidated by Jung's style and the sheer bulk of his collected works. They could do no better than to turn to Anthony Stevens for enlightenment. He is an exceptionally clear expositor of Jung's thought." 
Anthony Storr, The Independent.

"In On Jung Anthony Stevens offers an informative and clear explanation of the basic principles of Jungian psychology . . . . Stevens skillfully employs object relations theory in his analysis . . . . His treatment of the history of Jung's family and the impact of its dynamics on Jung's personality is refreshingly honest." 
John-Raphael Staude, The Times Literary Supplement.

"Quite simply, this is quite the best introduction to Jungian psychology that I have seen. A must for anyone who would want to understand Jung’s work."
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"The reader is treated to both a concise statement of Carl Gustav Jung’s theories of life-stage development and a parallel narrative of Jung’s experiences as he moved through each of these stages. Stevens traces the idea of the unconscious from its conception (which he believes to be around 1700) to the earliest investigations by Freud in the 1890s. The split between Freud and Jung (essentially spirituality versus sexuality) is described as having a profoundly shattering effect on Jung, as it had on others ejected from the Freudian camp for their failure to endorse, without question, Freud’s theories that all neurosis is based in sexual development. (Two of these ex-Freudians committed suicide after being spurned by Freud.) Stevens’s unique method of combining a primer of Jung life-stage theory with a biography of Jung is an effective introduction to the man and his work."
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On Jung was chosen by Deirdre Bair, Jung’s eminent biographer, as one of her Top Ten Jungian Books. She wrote: "On Jung by Anthony Stevens [is] a splendid overview of Jung’s personal and professional development. An excellent introduction to Jung’s life and the origin of his ideas."
Guardian Unlimited, Books

In print. Also available in the following languages:
Danish: JUNG: Om hans liv och verk (Gedins Forlag, 1992);
Dutch: Over Jung: leven en werk (Lemniscaat, Rotterdam, 1999);
French: JUNG: L'oeuvre-vie (Editions du Felin, Paris, 1994);
German: Das Phanomen C.G. Jung; Biographische Wurzeln einer Lehre (Walter-Verlag AG, 1993);
Italian: SU JUNG; La nascita e lo sviluppo della psicologia analitica (Casa Editrice Astrolobio, Roma, 1991);
Norwegian: OM JUNG (Cappelen, 1993);
Portuguese: JUNG: Vida e pensamento (Editora Vozes Ltda, Brasil, 1993);
Spanish: JUNG: o la busqueda de la identidad (Debate, Madrid, 1994);
Swedish: JUNG: Om hans liv och verk (Gedins, Malmo, 1991).


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